Arman Mang is one of the largest suppliers of elevators in Iran

About us

Arman Mang Elevator Company

Where did it start?

Arman Mang Company has been founded in 1997, and is a leading engineering and trading company mainly active in the field of elevator and escalator industry. Founders of the company consist of a team of experts, engineers and professors in the field of mechanics and electronics, with more than two decades of academic and executive background. With having the common goal of creating a fundamental evolution in Iran’s elevator and escalator industry in line with advanced technology and knowledge of the world.

Records, certificates and acknowledgments

Why choose us?

With the idea of having the maximum services and assistance to our customers, their highly qualified team is very well equipped with engineering and technical means of business. The strategy is namely to support and service our customers based on experience. During its activities Arman Mang has always achieved high level and admirable works under the effective supervision of its management system.

Arman Mang Company has Industrial Activity License under No: 1/38762 dated 15th December, 1997 and has the License of Design & Assembly from Ministry Of Industry registered under No: 43/4049 dated 14th July, 2002.

The main activities of Arman Mang company

What are our services?

خدمات آسانسور

Designing residential and commercial elevators

Designing and preparing execution plans of traction and hydraulic elevators for residential, office, and commercial apartments and towers with passenger, car applications using gearless drive systems and the implementation of machine roomless elevators.

Design of escalators

Designing all kinds of escalators for commercial, office and workshop centers

Special and workshops elevators

All kinds of special elevators with high degree of protection and anti-explosion and anti-dust for cement factories, refineries and petrochemicals, inclined elevators, workshop elevators