Arman Mang is one of the largest suppliers of elevators in Iran

Arman Mang Co

One of the largest suppliers of elevators and escalators in Iran

With more than 25 years of brilliant experience in the elevator and escalator industry

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In elevators and escalators throughout Iran

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More than 26 years of brilliant work experience

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Why Arman Mang Co?

History of Arman Mang

Where did it start?

Arman Mang elevator and escalator company was born in 1376 from a group of companies active in the elevator and escalator industry of the country. The founders of the company are a group of experts, engineers and university professors in the fields of mechanics, electricity and electronics, with more than two decades of experience in scientific and executive activities, who created a fundamental transformation in Iran’s elevator and escalator industry in line with the world’s knowledge and technology. It is their common goal.

The main activities of Arman Mang company

What are our services?

خدمات آسانسور

Designing residential and commercial elevators

Designing and preparing execution plans of traction and hydraulic elevators for residential, office, and commercial apartments and towers with passenger, car applications using gearless drive systems and the implementation of machine roomless elevators.

Design of escalators

Designing all kinds of escalators for commercial, office and workshop centers

Special and workshops elevators

Types of special elevators with high degree of protection, anti-dust and anti-explosion elevators for cement factories, refineries and petrochemicals, inclined elevators, workshop elevators

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Arman Mang's most prominent projects

پروژه پتروشیمی بوشهر واحد آلفین
Bushehr Petrochemical, Alfin Unit
Iran’s Big Market Project (Iran Mala)
پاساژ امیرکبیر سه راه امین حضور
Amir Kabir Commercial Complex
Flat Lift on Laleh Hospital
مجتمع تجاری ابریشم چابهار آسانسور پاناروما
Abrisham Commercial Complex
مجتمع 320 واحدی مسکن مهر
Integrated 5650 unit of Mehr housing
جمعیت هلال احمر ج.ا.ا آسانسور های پکیج MP
Helalahmar organization